Floriculture Consultancy

A initiative from a Grower to help farmers

Floriculture Consultancy

Floriculture Consultancy

The growth of Floriculture Industry in INDIA has risen in the last decade due to supportive government schemes among the farmers. However, lack of knowledge and improper guidance has been the biggest hindrance to the development of this sector, which has intensified the need for credible and trustworthy Flower Growing Agency.

This is where VINAY ROSES can help you with proper guidance for establishing a floriculture project. We are a trusted Rose brand in INDIA among the wholesale and retail florist adopting the latest cultivation practices and use of integrated pest management solutions.

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  • Setting up of floriculture projects in protected cultivation.
  • Selection of crop according to climatic conditions and available market.
  • Planning & layout of the project.
  • Preparing of project report for bank loan.
  • Guidance in Cultivation, Post harvest and Marketing of floriculture produce

Floriculture Process At Vinay Roses


  • A successful grower with good rose brand in Indian market.
  • Comprehensive consultancy right from conceptualization to final setup of project
  • Adequate knowledge and vast experience of 20 years in floriculture industry.
  • Use of local resources for sustainable flower production in polyhouse.
  • Innovative cultivation techniques and integrated pest management methods.
  • Advice and consultancy for financial assistance
  • Designed and filed patent for new design of polyhouse which removes hot air inside the polyhouse without the use of electricity.